Prevention offers the greatest public health potential and the most cost-effective long-term cancer control strategy. However, with today’s multiple media streams, the general public is often overwhelmed by an abundance of confusing or ambiguous messages and misinformation on disease prevention. Therefore, authoritative, clear, and evidence-based recommendations on how to actively contribute to cancer prevention are extremely valuable for the general public and equally valuable for health professionals and policy-makers worldwide. 

Under the overall umbrella of a World Code Against Cancer Framework, using the methodology established by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the experience of developing and promoting the European Code Against Cancer 4th edition, Regional Codes Against Cancer are being developed to promote cancer prevention globally.

The World Code Against Cancer Framework includes Regional Codes for Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and potentially other regions in the future. These Regional Codes may vary because of the unique characteristics of each region and the active involvement of regional experts in their development. All Regional Codes are evidence-based and follow a common methodology; differences between them reflect the specific context of each region.